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… and we coach and train your managers to be the best they can be!

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Why Edify?

We are coaching and performance experts with a 20-year track record in delivering results. We work alongside business leaders, helping them put in place strategies that make them and their businesses more successful. Our proven performance management model allows leaders to deliver day to day performance through their team whilst they focus on business growth. We help them envisage the future, overcome challenges and build excellence through solid day-to-day leadership habits.

Edify: the performance people

Your people are essential to your business success; we coach and guide senior management in specific areas such as goal setting, performance management, effective communication, planning, time management and more. Placing management development at the very core of your vision is key to growth and success We develop staff to be the best they can be. Entwining your vision with staff development is key to success; together you are better.

  • Ed Fitzgerald

    the performance person

    Edify is the concept of Ed FitzGerald, a performance manager who’s walked in your shoes! With vast experience at the coalface, having been responsible for teams, targets and budgets, Ed’s know-how comes from real life, not the classroom. Ed’s lightbulb moment came from the simple realisation that all businesses, no matter how large or small and regardless of the industry, face the same problems (and he has the answers!). Ed thrives on the success of his clients and his passion runs seamlessly through everything he does.

Chat to Edify

Drop us a line and let’s meet for an informal chat. Whether you know where you’re headed and need a hand getting there, or you’d like that expert insight to help identify your goals in the first place, Edify can simplify. We’ve helped many leaders transform their approach so, to join their ranks, get in touch for a friendly chat and see where we can take you!