Why business growth strategies start with vision

Looking to grow your business over the next 12 months? Here’s why all Business Growth strategies must start with you

We often hear business consultants talking about “working on our business” rather than “working in our business” and this is certainly good advice – but it misses the essential starting point for all business owners.For 99% of us business owners, however much we love what we do, however much we excel at it, however much we prefer it to the drudgery of employment, our beloved business still needs to be a vehicle for us – to pay the mortgage, to give us flexible working or just a basic sense of enjoyment or fulfilment for the hours we spend working.

Whatever motivates us to run our own business and whatever framework the business must deliver for us (minimum income, maximum number of working hours, minimum level of enjoyment etc), this is the true starting point for any business strategy.


Step 1 – Establish your vision

If we jump right in and start working on our business, we’re putting the business before ourselves and we’ll end up with all the stresses of self-employment and none of the rewards. We may have a successful business (because we’ve at least chosen to work “on” the business) but we won’t be a happy, fulfilled or rewarded business owner.

So we put ourselves first and ensure our business revolves around us. Be selfish, you’re taking all the risks after all.

Now the best time to have put ourselves first would be when we started up… The second best time is always now – and the dawning of a new year is a perfect time to reflect, plan and adopt a new mind set.

So what do YOU want from your business in the next 12 months? what is YOUR vision?

What are your financial “must haves”? What are your non-financial “must haves”?

Once you’ve got clearly a defined personal vision of what your business must deliver for you, then (and only then!) are you ready to move onto the next stage of your business strategy – working on your business by setting clear business objectives that will deliver your personal vision.





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