Getting the best out of 3rd party trainers

Lately, I’ve been delivering quite a bit of 3rd party training to a variety of clients – the client doesn’t have anyone in house & has hired me to deliver training to a number of their team.

Here’s my top 10 business tips to get the most from 3rd party trainers.

1) Start with the end in mind as Stephen Covey would say

What do you want to achieve long term?
How does this training session fit into this goal?
What do you want this specific training session to achieve?

2) What is the expected Return on Investment?

How will you measure the success of the training?

3) Invite people with plenty of notice

Engagement isn’t just the pink and fluffy stuff, it’s the basics too, such as courtesy. And I’m far more engaged if I don’t have to rearrange my diary to come.

4) Make attendance sound optional – even if it’s not!

5) Engage the delegates – sell the course to them

How will THEY benefit from attending?

–              How does this training fit into the big picture

–              Explain the follow up to the training

6) Engage the trainer
The more vague the message to me, the more likely I am to miss your objective. I’ll deliver a great session, just not the one you wanted! So please be specific.

7) Make the delegates feel important
I’ve found that people’s view of how important the training is gets measured by how special the business has made them feel on the day. So treat them to a nice lunch, ensure there’s refreshments available through the day. Check that your training room is clean and tidy.

8) Be there yourself
I’m just the external trainer, it’s you that gives the event its gravitas. Personally, I like my host to bookend the day by opening & closing the training and giving me free reign in between.

9) Review the training

–              Did you get your Return on Investment?

–              Did the delegates enjoy it?

–              What did they learn?

10) Follow up
There’s nothing more frustrating than running a great training session but knowing that the learnings will disappear into the ether once the delegates step out of the training room back into the real world of stress, deadlines and business as usual. So start with the end in mind & know exactly what the next step is.







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