Roles & responsibilities, structuring for success

Focusing on the structure of your business may not seem the sexiest way to spend a couple of hours, but here’s 10 reasons why it’s absolutely key to having a successful business that works for you: 

1) Understanding your own role

If we don’t understand our own role, how can we fit other roles around our own? Chances are we’ll be doing some of their roles and working too many hours as a result.

So be clear on your own role and build others around you and not vice versa – it’s your business after all!

2) Responsibility

Do we know what each member of our team should be doing? And if we don’t know, why should they know what they should be doing? And if they don’t know what they should be doing, how would they know what each other should be doing?

And even if you do know what your team should be doing, how well have you communicated it to them?

3) Efficiency

People who don’t take responsibility as they don’t fully understand their role are unlikely to be performing at their best – yet we’re paying them as if they’re giving 100% every day and that’s not a recipe for success.

4) Customer Service

If our team don’t know their responsibilities, then they are highly unlikely to take personal responsibility for customer satisfaction. Instead they’ll be on their heels looking for others to take charge – and eventually our customers will go elsewhere…

5) Accountability

If I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, how can my boss hold me to account? I’ve a ready made excuse every time.

6) Delegation

If we don’t know who in our team should be taking responsibility for each business function, then how do we effectively delegate tasks? It’s what I call the running in treacle effect – we delegate, but it gets lost in our bureaucracy and no action results. So we do it ourselves and then complain we’re overworked. Clear roles leads to clear delegation paths and clear lines of accountability.

7) Performance Management

Effective Performance Management is the key to successful employment of people. Yet without clear structure, Performance Management meetings become Excuse Meetings because a lack of structure gives us all wriggle room – “It’s not my fault I missed my target” becomes the norm.

8) Recruitment

If we don’t have clear structure and responsibilities, we won’t have clear job roles. So how do we effectively recruit new people. Typically, we’ll recruit someone then fully define their role around their strengths. And then you’ll end up covering their blind spots. The tail should never wag the dog…

9) Training

Lack of defined job roles means a lack of clearly defined training plans and that means people not fully trained for their jobs and poor staff getting through probation periods due to lack of effective testing against the job role.

10) Our reward!!

Most of us business owners are looking for one or more of 3 key themes:

  • Adequate financial reward for the risk we take
  • Job enjoyment & limited stress out of hours
  • A work/life balance with a limit to working hours

Failure to define roles, structure and responsibilities puts all three at risk for the reasons listed above.

Or put another way, roles & responsibilities are business critical to your success as a business owner.

If you feel any of the above feels a bit too familiar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can chat through and see whether our Performance Management solutions are a good fit for you and your business.











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